Instructions for Viewing of Question Paper, Responses and Keys & Raising of Objections if any to Questions/Options/Keys

  • To view the Question paper in which you had appeared in the CBT for Level 1 posts with the options selected by you and the correct answer key, login with your credentials and click on the response sheet tab.
  • After viewing the details as above, objections if any regarding the questions, options and keys published can be raised for which the time schedule, fee and detailed procedure is given below.
1.0 Time schedule
Viewing of the question paper in which candidates have appeared in the CBT for Level 1 posts along with the option selected by the candidates and the Correct answer tick marked on it. 11-01-2019, 22:00 hrs onwards
Raising of objections on the questions or options and fee payment 14-01-2019 , 17:00 hrs
Closing of the Objection raising and payment window 19-01-2019 , 23:59 hrs

2.0 Procedure and Fee for raising Objections
2.1 Fee: The prescribed fee for raising objection is Rs 50/- per question. In case the objection raised is found to be correct, the Fee paid against such valid objections shall be refunded to you. The refund will be made to the account from where you have made the online payment.
2.2 For raising objections, you have to select the question ID from among the dropdown list. Therefore, in order to raise objection, the question ID has to be noted for selecting the same from the drop down list.
Further, in case you want to raise an objection as an incorrect answer key then you have to note the correct option ID from the FOUR option IDs available on the top right corner of the question. The correct option ID may be selected from the drop down list of option IDs and then submitted.
Similarly for other type of objections such as All options incorrect, Incorrect / Ambiguous question, Multiple correct answers, Translation error, Any other mistake etc you may select the type of objection and furnish reason/supporting references in the explanation box.
You have to first decide based on your review, as to for how many questions you wish to raise objection and then start raising the objection as detailed above.
On completion of the objection(s), the fee amount equal to Rs 50/- x No of questions for which objection has been raised will be displayed for making the payment online either through Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card. The objection raised shall be accepted only on successful completion of payment. Objections raised without making the prescribed fee will not be considered.
On successful payment, you will get a message that your payment is successful and your payment status against your objection(s) will change to ‘Paid’.
You can view the payment status against every objection raised by you on the Objection tab page after making the payment. Also the amount paid by you will also be reflected under the make payment tab.
In case you want to delete an objection raised by you, then click on the delete icon available under the action tab to delete such objection.
It is once again reiterated that only those objections whose payment status is paid will be considered for review and all other objections will be treated as invalid.
3.0 3.0 You are advised to raise objection(s), if any, well before the final date and time i.e. 19-01-2019, 23:59 hrs after which no representation from the candidates on the questions/options/keys etc will be entertained.
4.0 The decision of RRBs on the objections raised shall be final and binding and no further correspondence shall be entertained from the candidates in the matter.